Friday, April 17, 2009

A Random, Peaceful, Friday Afternoon

I LOVE our Friday afternoons. The crew gets out of school two hours early, allowing for some relaxing, unscheduled time at home. They are all usually so busy with homework and activities it’s often the only day of the week that they get some free time for themselves.

0398 We can always count on David to fill our house with beautiful music. He’s talented, that guy.


Hans, pumping iron. He’s always diligent at putting first things first, getting his exercise and work out of the way before play.

0408 Leif enjoying Hans’s DS. What a generous brother Hans is!

0403 Freja, enjoying the Webkinz or American Girl website.

0410 Last but not least, our sleeping Princess Britta. It’s always a good day when she gets a nap!



The Fab 4 From Washington said...

I wish our girls got out of school early every Friday! I would love that extra time with them. We definitely need more time. The days are zipping by too quickly and before we know it Steve and I will be all alone and wonder where those fun years have gone! So enjoy your "Random, Peaceful Fridays"!

Anna said...

Love that you are back to blogging...I was starting to wonder if our dear Janet had given up her blog! Your kids are getting so big, I love being able to keep up with the fam, if only via the internet! Gotta love it for something, right!?

Susie said...

Love the fun filled activities the kids get to do. Nothing is better then some extra FREE time, to do what ever and just hang out without a schedule. What blessing that is. Too cute of all of the kids.