Sunday, September 13, 2009

It’s that time of year . . . again . . . already

School started last week and it’s a bittersweet time. Sweet in that I am truly grateful our children love school and learning and that they were so excited to begin a new year. Bitter in that not only is it hard for me to turn over my children to another’s care day after day but  the beginning of each new school year serves as a painful reminder that our children are each one year closer to being out of the nest . . . my nest. And this, my friends, is the saddest of sad thoughts for this Mama Bird. Each year I take photos, give hugs, smile, tell them I love them, wish them a happy day, smile again, and then head for the door *quickly* before the tears come. It’s always a long walk back to the car.



20090909_08-47-54  20090909_08-49-27

These two will be in the same class this year. We’ll see how that goes!


These two, being in high school and all, do not fancy their Mama following them to the bus stop with the camera, or to school for that perfect desk shot. So I had to restrain myself. Next week they’ll be starting early morning seminary—which means an earlier start for all of us!


On the upside . . . we’ve been blessed with great schools and wonderful teachers and the beginning of the new school year means that I will get to spend even more one-on-one time with this Cutie-Patootie . . . and that is definitely something to look forward to.


Thelma said...

These are great pictures of your attractive children. Good job! For both the great pictures and attractive children!

Susie said...

It is sure a bittersweet moment. So glad that it was off to a great start for your kids. They look happy and ready for a new school year. Enjoy your time with darling Britta.

Anonymous said...

I believe that all the kids look happy to be going back to school which makes it a lot easier on everyone! Leif looks pretty sharp in his braces! Miss Freja...won't it be fun to have brother in the same class to protect you!!!

Hans and David, what can I say but PLEASE STOP GROWING!!!! I love you very much and I'm very proud to be your grandma!

Nana said...

Sweet Britta! Nana forgot to include you...even though your not in school you have the biggest job of all being moms buddie and helper while brothers & sister are in school. Mom & dad's blue eyed girl! Love you! Nana