Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Crew’s Halloween Fun

The Pumpkins

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It was Britta’s first year to use the saw!


The Crew are true Homestar Runner fans. We stuck with our annual  theme again this year. . . well, everyone but Freja, that is. I guess she has carved Marzipan one too many times.

I must say that pumpkin carving goes quite smoothly at our house these days as everyone, but Britta,  is pretty self-sufficient. My regular job is to sift through the pumpkin goop for all the seeds so that we can roast them . . . yum!


Hermione Hair


Freja wanted authentic ‘Hermione Hair’ for Halloween.  “Hermione hair like the movie, not the book.” She insisted that rag curls would do the trick . . . we couldn’t stop laughing at the initial result. Her hair was so curly! It looked more like Hermione’s hair though as it relaxed throughout the day.

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The Garb

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Check out that cute stinger! It was especially cute when she walked.




This was Leif’s last year of trick-or-treating—next year he will be twelve and he’ll move on to new ways to celebrate. He was recovering from an illness, so unfortunately he didn’t go out with a bang like he had hoped.

Hans and David both had parties to attend . . . Hans’s was a costume party and David’s wasn’t. David helped pass out candy until it was time for his party.


This Mama couldn’t get enough of her little Bumblebee . . .



Trick-or-Treating in the Northwest

Mostly it just drizzled but at one point it started raining hard enough that the use of an umbrella became  necessary to keep my little Bee warm and dry. Britta insisted on carrying the umbrella herself, along with her bucket-full of treats. It was quite the challenge for her but she was determined (and stubborn). After a long, and very slow walk up the hill, we called it a night.



The Fab 4 From Washington said...

Those are some cute pumpkins! And we loved Freja's authentic "Hermione" hair! Very cute Freja. But the best was Britta's cute Bee stinger! So cute. Jorgensen Family....You Rock!

Thelma said...

Your kids look adorable. I'm glad I got to see Britta's costume because I didn't see her that night. She is looking so grown up!

Anonymous said...

Looks and sounds like everyone had a great Halloween! Freja, your hair was awesome! Bumble Bee Britta was pretty darn cute! Love you all! Grandma C.

Ilsa said...

Great pix...keep 'em commin'!