Friday, November 6, 2009

The Most Heartwarming “Boo” Ever . . .

Around these parts, maybe around most parts, there is a little tradition connected with Halloween called “Boo-ing.” It goes something like this:  A friendly, and completely unknown spook , or group of spooks, mischievously deposits Halloween goodies on a dear one’s front porch before they ding-dong-ditch their home. When the folks living inside unknowingly answer the door they are pleasantly surprised with the found sweeties and the thoughtfulness of the spooks who delivered them. Because they are so appreciative they return the trick to two of their favorite friends and so it goes until Halloween arrives. The spooks who left the treats also leave their calling card (a photocopy of a “Boo”) that the recipients hang on their door to alert other spooks that may come to call  that their home has already been visited this season.

As Halloween approached my younger children mentioned how they “couldn’t wait to be Boo-ed.” I didn’t think much about it as I had other pressing things on my mind. Soon we were merely days away from Halloween and still, the spooks had not come-a-calling. I didn’t realize how sad this had made my children until one day after school it happened. We got that exciting, doorbell-ditching-ring and this is what we found.

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This was a “Boo-ing” of the home-made, very best, hand-crafted kind. Some considerate and empathic young neighborhood spook or spooks of the male-variety (we’re nearly certain) overheard my wee ones on the school bus, earlier that day, expressing their grief that we had not yet been “Boo-ed” and they took matters into their own hands. They crafted their calling card, raided their family’s pantry for fruit snacks, and used profuse amounts of tape to secure their offering—they sensed a need and they met it with enthusiasm. I’ve never felt more proud to display my “Boo” sign. Children’s kindness . . . you can’t beat it. It warmed the heart of this Mama—and that is just what my heart needed. I suppose this is evidence that even Halloween can inspire goodness and giving. Some parents somewhere should feel very proud of their special little spooks . . . I certainly do.


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lifeatthewhitehouse said...

I loved this post! It almost made me cry, thinking about what kids will do when they see a need! You have some special little friends!