Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween 2010

Big Baby (from Toy Story 3)—I oscillated all night between laughing and thinking we were clever to feeling guilty for letting Eric scribble on our sweet baby. A good mom would have dressed her up like a pretty flower or cute little elephant. When I asked Freja if she thought Inge would be mad at us when she was older and realized what we had dressed her up as—Freja grimaced and hesitantly replied, “. . . maybe.” Please forgive us Inge . . .


Cinderella –Britta has loved Cinderella since she was born it seems. I don’t really understand how—we don’t own the movie or a storybook even. When she was just beginning to talk she would excitedly point and say, “Girls” whenever she saw Disney princesses in the store or whatnot. It was extra special to me considering the difficult time she has had with words. So when she wanted a “Girl Cake” for her birthday and to be Cinderella for Halloween—she didn’t have to ask twice. She has assigned Princess roles to all the females in our family. She, of course, is Cinderella. Freja is Sleeping Beauty. I am Belle, and Inge, well, she will be have to be Ariel. She has paired everyone up with the Princess of their eye/hair color combination, except for Inge, that is—I highly doubt she will be a red head—I think Britta is feeling very willing to share the blonde hair/blue eye position with her sister. For Halloween Britta wanted Mommy to be Belle and Daddy to be "The Beast!” Funny girl.


Dryad—also known as a “Tree Spirit.” She even had me spray her with pine scent. Clever girl.


Roman Soldier—Man, can my boy wield a sword or what! He’s had lots and lots of practice.


The National Debt—The scariest of all our costumes this year. Eric was the life of the party.


Hans opted not to dress up but did help in the haunted house. David joined us at the party after work—so he was dressed as a Pizza Guy of the Papa Murphy variety. (I didn’t get a photo—darn!).



Thelma said...

Great pictures. I love the one of Britta especially. What a regal expression!

Anonymous said...

Well don't you all look fantastic....well Eric even though it's reality I didn't like your's very much.(sorry) Miss Britta you look exactly like Cinderella! You look just like the statue that came with my very first watch, yes it was a Cinderella watch which I loved very much! Freja & Leif awesome costumes! Inge was a sweet big baby!

Susie said...

Very darling and creative costumes!!

Anna said...

I totally LOVED Inge's costume! We just watched the movie and she looks just like 'big baby'!! Wish I would have thought of it for Liam- but then I would have had to shave off his long locks!