Sunday, July 19, 2009

Yes, we were just a tad bit excited . . .

So the new Harry Potter movie is out. We were beyond excited that it was rated PG and we were able to take our family to the theater to see it. We are big fans of the series . . . we read each book aloud as a family as soon as we can get our hands on it. It usually takes a week or two—during which time we have to hide the book so no one, Eric and I included, will read ahead! It’s been a fun family tradition and something we all enjoy.

The movie was a hit with our crew.

To make it extra special we decided to make some “Muggle” tees to wear to the show. It was David’s idea and we had a great time making them together and wearing them as a family—a very fun and unifying experience for us all.


Freja decided to dress like a Muggle-born—like her dear friend Hermione.


Our Baby Muggle got to stay home with Mackenzie, our cute babysitter, having lots of fun playing dress-up. Mama Muggle got to focus on the movie. Win-win, I say.