Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sheesh . . . We’ve Been Busy (Part 2)

(Warning: This series is dedicated to a very patient Grandma—who cares to catch up on all our busy-ness . . . and our photos.)

Inge’s first days . . . Got milk?


Mom with her special Inge-rrito (think “burrito”). Our girl still loves a good swaddle.


Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween 2010

Big Baby (from Toy Story 3)—I oscillated all night between laughing and thinking we were clever to feeling guilty for letting Eric scribble on our sweet baby. A good mom would have dressed her up like a pretty flower or cute little elephant. When I asked Freja if she thought Inge would be mad at us when she was older and realized what we had dressed her up as—Freja grimaced and hesitantly replied, “. . . maybe.” Please forgive us Inge . . .


Cinderella –Britta has loved Cinderella since she was born it seems. I don’t really understand how—we don’t own the movie or a storybook even. When she was just beginning to talk she would excitedly point and say, “Girls” whenever she saw Disney princesses in the store or whatnot. It was extra special to me considering the difficult time she has had with words. So when she wanted a “Girl Cake” for her birthday and to be Cinderella for Halloween—she didn’t have to ask twice. She has assigned Princess roles to all the females in our family. She, of course, is Cinderella. Freja is Sleeping Beauty. I am Belle, and Inge, well, she will be have to be Ariel. She has paired everyone up with the Princess of their eye/hair color combination, except for Inge, that is—I highly doubt she will be a red head—I think Britta is feeling very willing to share the blonde hair/blue eye position with her sister. For Halloween Britta wanted Mommy to be Belle and Daddy to be "The Beast!” Funny girl.


Dryad—also known as a “Tree Spirit.” She even had me spray her with pine scent. Clever girl.


Roman Soldier—Man, can my boy wield a sword or what! He’s had lots and lots of practice.


The National Debt—The scariest of all our costumes this year. Eric was the life of the party.


Hans opted not to dress up but did help in the haunted house. David joined us at the party after work—so he was dressed as a Pizza Guy of the Papa Murphy variety. (I didn’t get a photo—darn!).


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sheesh . . . We’ve Been Busy (Part 1)

April 27th we welcomed our sweet Inge Elise into our home and our family—all 8 lbs. 6 oz. and 22 inches of her. It’s been a whirlwind ever since . . .


Birthing a baby at home may not be for everyone but it’s the perfect choice for me. There is no place that I feel more comfortable and I absolutely loved having our brood present as we welcomed the newest little chickadee into our family. Remembering the awe, excitement, and love on the faces of her siblings as they admired their new baby sister, fresh from heaven, is most precious to me.


Now, six months later . . . it feels like yesterday and forever ago, all at once. So many times I have wished that I could just stop time or at least slow things down. Life is flying by and before I know it (or am ready for it) Inge will not be a baby anymore . . . I’m not quite sure how I am going to handle that. She’s such a sweet , cuddly little baby. The love is indescribable, and that’s not just because my brain is still in somewhat of a postpartum fog.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dear Miss Cynthia . . .

Thank you so much for the fun in the sun on Monday. I was plum tuckered out when I got home.  Love—Britta



Sunday, April 18, 2010

Opening Night Success

Friday night was opening night for “The Music Man” . . . and since I'm busy and very tired and getting ready to have a baby any day here is an excellent review--writing my own would take hours. :) Besides, such wonderful compliments (and advertising) for our kids are likely more credible coming from their pretend aunt . . . as opposed to their gushing mother.:)




Monday, April 12, 2010

Have I Mentioned . . .

Three of our children are involved in the Glacier Peak High School production of “The Music Man” It’s tech week this week—which means even later practices and lots more hard work. Opening night is this Friday, 16 April 2010 at 7:30 p.m. with additional shows on April 17, 23, and 24 . . . I’m hoping this baby lets me see at least one of the shows!!!


The Jorgensen Cast . . .

David Jorgensen David as ‘Professor Harold Hill’


Hans JorgensenHans as a member of the Quartet (The High Tenor)


Freja JorgensenFreja as Amaryllis (Friday night showings) and Gracie (Saturday night  showings)

Here’s a sneak peek!!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Getting Ready


10-12 cotton receiving blankets: Check.

Approximately 502 more things still left to do . . .

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Happenings

Britta had been asking to “Color Eggs!!!” for a couple of weeks. She was SO EXCITED.


Admiring our work . . .


Moments later . . .


Since Easter was the same weekend as General Conference we got to enjoy our traditional, homemade ‘Conference Cinnamon Rolls.’ It’s a group effort—I make the dough and Eric and Freja roll them out. That Freja has skills!



My four most favorite Priesthood holders—currently we have a Deacon, a Teacher, and a Priest!


This was Leif’s first General Priesthood meeting—he was thrilled to finally get to go with the big boys (rather than having to stay at home with us girls!)


Britta snoozed on Grandma’s lap throughout the entire afternoon session both Saturday and Sunday. Grandma’s lap—what a treat!


The indoor hunt at Grandma and Grandpa’s—because the outdoors was wet and the kids wanted to actually be able to EAT their candy.

20100404_15-59-11 20100404_16-00-11 20100404_16-00-25

Notice Leif wielding one of the MANY swords he and his dad have constructed in Grandpa’s woodshop over the years.



On one of her many walks exploring Grandpa’s trails Freja made this flower crown for Britta . . . I remember making them for her when she was a little girl.


It was a wonderful weekend—filled with family and the Spirit. Thanks for having us Ilsa and Newel!

Bebop with Aesop

A couple of weeks ago Leif and Freja had some fun be-bopping with their friends and classmates in a school musical called “Bebop with Aesop.” The fifth and sixth grade students performed  vignettes and then songs relating to the lessons found within the fables. Aesop, of course,  had words of wisdom for the audience between each scene. It was a darling production and our family thoroughly enjoyed it!

While we waited for the show to begin . . .


Aesop related his words of wisdom . . .


The milkmaid skillfully taught us about not counting our chickens before they hatch . . .


Leif reminded me of my dad—with all that facial hair and his baby blues—I could not stop giggling to myself as I watched him dance around in a toga. What a hoot!


When everyone left Mom made a couple of her favorite Thespians  pose for her camera . . .




Having kids is AWESOME!!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Nice People ROCK!

When I was in college, prior to being a mother, my favorite t-shirt read, “Mean People Suck.” I loved this sentiment—clear and concise, and most importantly, my opinion. My conscience was pricked on occasion when I heard  conference talks addressing the importance of clean language though and I stopped wearing the shirt. As soon as I became a mother of early readers the shirt took up residence in the deep recesses of my dresser drawers as opposed to its previous home, hanging in full view, front and center in my closet.

This week I decided I need a new t-shirt . .  one that shares the same sentiment, but with a positive approach. Something like, “Nice People ROCK.” Nice people, like the store clerk who gave my sweet daughter a balloon when she noticed her longingly admiring them with wide eyes. It not only made Britta’s day to have a pearly pink balloon with curly ribbon—it eased the conscience of this mama who was feeling so guilty for dragging her toddler on a day full of errands for the third time in one week. (There are much better ways to spend our time but when motherly duty calls I tend to answer—the tricky part is when my children’s needs conflict with one another. That’s when things get  a bit murky, but I digress. . . ) I’m sure that store clerk had no idea the positive impact she was having on our day but her small act of kindness made all the difference.

Nice people like the patient man with the kind smile who complimented my Britta even though she was getting impatient and grumpy after waiting in line for nearly an hour for seats to her siblings’ musical. I want to focus on nice people like him instead of the ones flashing looks of disapproval and judgment my way.

Even more importantly, I want to be one of these people, I want each of my children to be one of these people . . . one of these nice people who rocks.

20100318_17-27-46 20100318_17-27-50

I loved watching Britta have so much fun with her balloon. The best was seeing her carry it around the house saying, “Taat, Taat, it looks like rain. Taat, taat, it looks like rain.”  Clever Girl.

Sunday, February 21, 2010



David and Stephanie—his date to Tolo . . . now don’t they look SPIFFY!

My Girl Wants Cake . . .


Could this be why?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

An Attempt to Explain . . .

why I made a strange, and mind you, quite embarrassing hiccupping/hyperventilating sound during the leaders’ song at New Beginnings this week. Yes, me, up front and center, crying and unable to breathe, much less sing. Sigh. It vaguely reminds of that time in 7th grade when I cried and hyperventilated while giving a speech in the Optimist’s speech competition or the time I was called up to speak extemporaneously at Stake conference, I had on my lovely ‘cry face’ and could barely get the words out . . . but those are stories for another time. Or not.

The Young Men and Young Women’s theme for 2010 is based on Joshua 1:9—Be Strong and of a Good Courage. Our young women did a lovely job singing songs of faith and courage, quoting scriptures and modern-day prophets. It was inspiring and I pretty much cried throughout the entire program. I’ve thought lots and lots about this and have tried to understand the depth of my emotion. I don’t know that I have a complete explanation but I do know that I love the young women in our ward. To hear their beautiful voices sing about their knowledge that they are daughters of God, how important the Savior is to them, and their determination to follow Him was very touching and definitely brought the spirit to the meeting. How blessed they are to have this knowledge.

As I looked around the room I thought about each of the girls individually and felt such a love and admiration for each of them—for their sweet personalities, spirits, talents, and for the good choices that they make daily. As I listened to them sing about being courageous and strong in a perilous world I hoped with all my soul that they would make these good choices all their lives—because I know that this is how they will find true and lasting happiness. I also know it is difficult sometimes, that they all—that we all—have struggles and this life is often not easy. As a leader I felt this desperate plea in my heart—please girls, hear these words, let them sink into your souls, understand your potential, understand how important you are, generations are depending on you—please, please be strong.

I thought about my own feelings of fear and insecurity—much of the time I feel anything but strong and courageous. Am I doing all I can to ensure that I will be able to “return to the Savior’s arms unashamed”? Am I living the gospel fully—rather than just “halfway”? How can I improve? How do I teach the young women and my children to be brave when I, myself, am fearful?

I thought of my children and how much I love them and want them to gain strong testimonies of Jesus Christ, to live the gospel, to be happy. Raising children is serious business and sometimes downright terrifying. I feel the weight of the calling. Am I doing enough? As a mother I worry so much about whether I am doing enough to teach them and help my children. Will our influence be enough to overpower the ways of the world? Will they be strong and courageous in defending our Savior, even as the world becomes more and more perilous? Will my daughters grow up with the knowledge that they are daughters of our Heavenly Father and that He loves them? Will they believe it in their hearts? As I listened to the young women sing about not compromising I prayed that they wouldn’t.

Basically—I guess I cried the entire time because I think too much . . . or because of this . . .


Not sure which . . . maybe a little of both?


Jenny Phillips--Valient Faith . . . one of the songs the young women sang at New Beginnings.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Keep it Cool . . . Old School

Today was errand day. Britta and I had great fun singing and beboping along to our new They Might Be Giants DVD—Here Come the 123’s. Here’s one of our favorite tunes.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Personal Progress

I have the privilege of working with the Young Women in our ward—and I love it. About a year ago we challenged one another, as leaders, to complete the Personal Progress Program—hoping this would serve  as a motivation and example to the young women in our stewardship. The Personal Progress program is a goal-setting program that helps young women develop a testimony of Jesus Christ and prepare for temple covenants as well as future responsibilities. The Personal Progress Program focuses on the eight Young Women values—faith, divine nature, individual worth, knowledge, choice and accountability, good works, integrity, and virtue. I was particularly excited by this challenge since I joined the church when I was twenty-one and didn’t have the opportunity to complete the Personal Progress program when I was a young woman. Completing the program has always been a goal I’ve had for myself, especially once I had daughters.

I have always wanted to learn to knit a sweater. I have basic knitting skills but up to this point have mostly just knit scarves. I wanted to learn to knit something more complicated  and increase my skills at following a knitting pattern. Until now I’ve not made the time to improve my knitting skills—I guess it feels like an unaffordable luxury. There always seems to be so many things clamoring for my time and attention that this personal goal is consistently put aside. I don’t think this is particularly wise necessarily but haven’t quite figured out how to reconcile my desire to create with my day-to-day responsibilities and busyness. I’m a work in progress. With this Personal Progress challenge, though,  my opportunity had finally arrived. How could I feel guilty knitting if it were for a Personal Progress project, for my church calling no less. 

As soon as I decided to plunge in and learn to knit a sweater, for my knowledge project, I knew immediately that I wanted to give it to a sweet sister in the ward and her little miracle baby (they are all little miracles really, but this one was particularly long-awaited). This sister and I  have both tasted of the trials of infertility and she has always been an incredible example to me of a stalwart, faithful, woman who follows the spirit. Her example was especially meaningful to me when my faith was at it’s weakest, when I was at the point where I did not think I could handle my trial a moment more—during my fourth watch so to say.

I will never forget the day my friend told me she was pregnant. I was overcome with joy and gratitude and I just cried and cried. It’s hard to explain completely but in that moment my testimony was strengthened ten-fold. In that moment I KNEW  that our God is still a God of miracles, that HE answers prayers, that He is in charge. Even more importantly, in that moment I KNEW that He loves us and He knows us.

I hope that her sweet baby will always know what a blessed little miracle she is, and that even in her young age she has been an instrument in the Lord’s hands . . . because every time I see her I am reminded of our Heavenly Father’s love. I can’t thank her enough.


Friday, January 8, 2010



A question was posed . . .


An answer was given . . .

A fun memory for the whole family . . .

What does TOLO stand for anyway?