Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dear Grandma Connie--

We are SO EXCITED to have you come for a visit! Here is a photo of me so that you will recognize me when you see me. I’m the cute one who cries when I’m not with my mom . . . be assured, it’s nothing personal. See you soon!Love—Inge


Friday, April 15, 2011

Our Home is Alive . . .

with The Sound of Music.   This isn’t an unusual occurrence, of course . . . it’s just that it’s alive with particular music these days. For the last four months or so our home has been filled with our children’s various renditions of songs from my most favorite musical. Highlights for me have been Leif’s rocker-version of “Do-Re-Me” replete with air guitar and his beatnik-reading of “Favorite Things,” snaps provided by yours truly. Then there’s sweet little Britta’s “So Long, Farewell” that somehow melds into “76 Trombones.” It’s been fun. It’s been a lot of work—but mostly fun. It’s exhilarating. It’s exhausting—but mostly it’s exhilarating. Now, after nearly four months of preparation, opening night is upon us . . . TONIGHT. Wow!!  Wish us luck—or at least  some leg breakage . . .


David as “Uncle Max”


Hans as “Party Guest” and “Random Nazi Guard”


Leif as “Friedrich” (Saturday Cast)

Freja Jorgensen

Freja as “Brigitta” (Friday Cast)


Dad as Photographer

Mom Britta Inge

Britta and Inge as Nap Sacrificers and, overall, Very Patient Fans.

Mom as Agent, Gopher, Chauffeur, Seamstress, Make-up Artist, Hair Stylist,
Consultant, Chef, Costume Procurer, Life Coach, Administrative Assistant, Deep Breather, etcetera.